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Why the Wait: Covid Edition

September 01, 2021

Although some things are returning to normal as we remain in a sort of pandemic limbo, there are many aspects of our daily lives that still look very different from how they did just two years ago.

At Bayshore Animal Hospital & Avian Practice, we are still feeling the effects of Covid-19, and want to give you a little extra insight into why you might be experiencing a longer wait than normal when you bring your pets in to see us:

Why the Wait: More Pets to See

As people were quarantined in their homes for extended periods of time, many of them chose to adopt animals to keep them company. Adoptions are so popular, in fact, that many shelters have multiple people applying to adopt every dog they have available, and other eager pet owners are putting themselves on waitlists that extend further than six months for a new companion. Although we are ecstatic that so many animals are going to loving homes, more adoptions mean there are more pets who need veterinary care. We are doing everything we can to keep up with this new demand, and we very much appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate these higher patient numbers.

More Reasons to See Pets

With so many people spending more time at home with their pets, they are paying more attention to their animal's daily behavior and are more likely to notice if something seems off. Because of this, we are fielding many more appointment requests than we once did. Since we are working hard to address the concerns of all our clients, our appointments might take longer than they once did. This could also mean that the appointment before yours might run long, but we promise we are doing everything we can to give you and your pet the attention you deserve during your appointment.

Staffing Accommodations

Our staff has been working tirelessly to give our clients and their pets the care they expect from Bayshore Animal Hospital & Avian Practice. In order to prevent burnout, we are prioritizing time off to ensure that our staff has time to rest when they need it. We have many parents on staff and they have had to work around unpredictable school schedules since last year. Keeping our staff healthy is our top priority, so we are also adhering to strict illness protocols and taking time to disinfect when necessary. What does all of this mean? We might be short-staffed sometimes, which could affect our ability to keep everything running on time.

While we work together to navigate this new world, we ask that you continue to have patience with us. When possible, try to schedule non-emergency visits well in advance, and call at least twenty-four hours ahead of time for prescription refills. We will continue to give your pets the best care possible.