You’ve probably seen the term “AAHA accredited” while visiting our facility or looking through our website – but what does it mean, and how does it affect your pet?

Here at Bayshore Animal Hospital & Avian Practice, we’re extremely proud of our AAHA accreditation. It’s because of our dedication to our patients and their families that we maintain this esteemed designation, and we’re excited to share all the ways in which this benefits your pet!

What is AAHA Accreditation?

“AAHA” stands for the American Animal Hospital Association. This professional organization was founded in 1933 with the intent of establishing a reputable accreditation program for veterinary hospitals. It continues to represent the “gold standard” for veterinary hospitals across North America.

Unlike human hospitals where similar accreditation is mandatory, the AAHA accreditation process is voluntary. Currently, only about 15% of small animal veterinary practices in the U.S. and Canada are accredited.

AAHA Accreditation Ensures Quality

When you choose an AAHA-accredited hospital, you can be sure your pet will receive the best care possible.

  • Each AAHA-accredited hospital must meet over 900 standards that have been outlined in over 19 different categories of pet care. This includes patient care, pain management, surgery, pharmacy, laboratory, dental care, medical records, emergency services, housekeeping and maintenance, diagnostics, anesthesiology, client services, and leadership.
  • AAHA-accredited hospitals are subject to periodic, on-site inspections in order to ensure compliance.
  • Accredited hospitals are on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine. AAHA strives to keep pace with the newest findings by constantly reviewing its standards and making changes.
  • Our on-site pharmacy and in-house diagnostic lab required by AAHA means your pet will receive appropriate treatment in a timely fashion.
  • You can be sure that your pet will be treated in a clean, modern environment and that you’ll receive the best in customer service.

AAHA accreditation also requires veterinarians at participating hospitals to have over 50 hours of continuing education each year. All support staff, including veterinary assistants and technicians, are also required to stay current on new trends and practices in their areas of expertise.

AAHA Accreditation at Bayshore Animal Hospital & Avian Practice

We gladly accept the challenge of meeting and exceeding the standards set forth by AAHA. It’s an effective way for us to know what we’re doing well and receive feedback regarding ways we can improve. Plus, it means we’re always up-to-date on the newest advances in veterinary medicine. All of that translates to the best possible care for your pet, and we couldn’t be happier about that!

Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff with additional questions about our AAHA accreditation. We look forward to hearing from you!