Pet Wellness is an integral part of good veterinary careMost of us are aware of the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Did you know that this old saying is just as relevant to pet wellness, as it is to our own ?

The term “wellness” may throw some of us off, though. Why would we need to see the veterinarian if our pet is well? At Bayshore Animal Hospital, pet wellness is aimed at getting to know you and your pet, catching disease early, and answering your questions and concerns.

Nose to Tail Pet Wellness

You see your pet every day, and they probably look perfectly fine to you. But how can you tell if they are okay? The short answer is, you can’t. That’s why an annual wellness exam is so important. Early detection of disease helps us catch small problems before they become something more serious.

After taking a thorough health history from you, we start with a nose to tail examination of all your pet’s body systems. We’ll look at your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin and coat, musculoskeletal system, and their heart and lungs to make sure there are no abnormalities. Veterinarians are trained to use their eyes, ears, and skills to determine if your pet may have a problem, and we can then make recommendations for follow-up diagnostics, if needed.

Body Condition and Nutrition

Just like you, nutrition is so important to your pet’s overall well-being. We can prevent many diseases and conditions, like obesity, diabetes, and even kidney disease, with proper diet. We’ll discuss your pet’s weight, lifestyle, and body condition score, make recommendations for nutrition, and answer any of your questions.

Dental Health

Dental disease is extremely common in pets, and if left untreated, it not only affects their mouth, teeth, and gum health, but also their heart, liver and kidneys. Your veterinarian will give you recommendations for home dental care, as well as professional dental cleanings, to keep your pet feeling their best.

Early Diagnostics

One of the best tools we have in veterinary medicine for detecting disease is the veterinary diagnostic work we do with your pet’s annual blood work and urine test. This information gives us a snapshot into your pet’s internal health and can be very effective in helping us detect emerging disease. If we get a normal blood and urine test result hooray! A normal result is still valuable, in that it gives us a baseline of normal for your pet that we can use to measure against in the future..

Parasite and Disease Prevention

Another important component in your pet’s wellness exam is a discussion of their lifestyle and determining which parasites they may be at risk for. Heartworm, intestinal parasites, fleas, and ticks all carry serious risks for your pet, as well as your human family. Preventives for these parasites are easy, effective, and safe, and they are inexpensive compared to the cost of treating the diseases they can transmit to your pet. Vaccination is also an important part of pet wellness, and so we’ll tailor a vaccination plan based on your pet’s lifestyle and risk.

The Importance of Pet Wellness

Pets age much more quickly than we do, and they are masters at hiding signs of illness and discomfort. Annual or biannual pet wellness exams are a sure way to help us detect problems and get your pet on the path to health quickly. We also love to get to know them, and you!

At Bayshore, your pet is our top priority. By working together, we can give your pet a lifetime of health and wellness. Give us a call today to schedule your pet’s wellness exam.