No matter where you live, autumn is a spectacular season. In previous years we might have gone to the Jazz Holiday or Autumn Festival, but this fall looks a bit different. Despite social distancing, however, we feel that many Halloween festivities are bound to continue in some form or another. 

What does this mean for pet owners? That, above all things, Halloween pet safety measures are a must, no matter how the fun goes down.

Is Your Pet Spooked?

Based on demonstrated behavior, your pet may have you convinced they can handle crowds, costumes, and unpredictable noises. It’s important to remember that even the most relaxed dogs can become upset relatively easily on and around Halloween. 

Simply being aware of certain Halloween pet safety measures is a large part of the battle against dangerous situations. Without a doubt, being mindful of all the potential hazards related to the holiday can prevent trouble.

Pet Costumes Can Cause a Fright

Halloween is immensely popular with families, but pets can get in on the fun, too. Between pet costume contests or parades, there’s no shortage of pet-centered festivities. Plus, it’s common to see well-trained, social dogs out trick or treating with the kids.

Pet costumes are adorable, but they can be deeply confusing to pets. Please watch out for any restrictions to movement, visibility, or breathing. If your pet appears uncomfortable or stressed, get your snapshot and remove their costume before they become overwhelmed.

Tricks for Treats

Candy is by far the biggest threat to Halloween pet safety. Chocolate (especially milk chocolate) contains two toxic compounds, caffeine and theobromine, that can cause several worrisome symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. Depending on the dose, seizures and heart failure can occur.

Xylitol, an artificial sweetener, can be found in lots of “sugar-free” candies, mints and gum, and can cause liver failure and even death. 

Candy wrappers can be easily ingested by a hungry, curious pet and may result in dangerous intestinal obstructions. Always scan the floor at home and the ground outside in the days before and after Halloween.


Halloween pet safety should include constant appraisal of a pet’s environment. Decorations look great but if they are loud, animatronic, or flashy they may be scary to pets. Be sure to keep any electric cords off the ground, and remove any fallen choking hazards. 

Remember, candles are hazardous to pets. Jack-o-lanterns look just as cool with LED tea lights! 

Halloween Pet Safety A-Go-Go

Anxiety and stress can be a big part of your pet’s Halloween experience. Encourage your pet to cozy up in a room as far away from the ringing doorbell as possible. This attempt will not only help keep them calm, but limits the possibility of escape. All animals are at risk of disorientation this time of year. Be sure their microchip is updated and they are wearing a collar and ID tags.

If you have questions or concerns about Halloween pet safety, please let us know. Our staff is always here for your pet at Bayshore Animal Hospital & Avian Practice