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For us, holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving are a time to get together and celebrate. Through dressing up in fun costumes, enjoying big holiday meals, and adding festive decor around the home, what’s not to love? 

As wonderful as they are, holidays can also create anxiety in pets because there are major changes to the routine, as well as additional commotion and people that your furry one isn’t prepared for.

When holidays cause stress in pets it can put them at risk of escape and becoming lost. Not to mention, nobody enjoys feeling distressed! This is why your friends at Bayshore Animal Hospital and Avian Practice want to step in and give you some recommendations on how to ease your pet into the holidays and create more harmony for them.

Tips to Ease Your Pet Through the Holidays

Some pets glide through the chaos of the holidays with no problem, especially if they enjoy the added attention. But for most pets, especially cats, all of the activities, noise, strangers, and so on can create anxiety. This is why animal control shelters get many lost and missing animals during peak holiday seasons. 

To help your pet adjust to the season, here are some effective tips to minimize the fear.

  1. Consider boarding your pet – If your pet is terrified of strangers and you are expecting to host an event or gathering, consider boarding your pet with us for the night. If that isn’t possible, you can also choose to ask a pet friendly friend or family member to take your bestie in for the evening.
  2. Create a safe place – If you choose to keep your pet in the home while hosting, find  a secure place for them to stay. Make it fun and cozy by bringing in their favorite toys, treats, and bed. Minimize noise by playing a radio at a low volume, a fan, or a white noise machine.
  3. Make sure to check in with your pet – During the event, take moments to reassure your pet and snuggle or play with them a few minutes before returning to the party. If you are too busy., ask a trusted friend who knows your pet to help chaperone them.
  4. Use calming sprays and treats – These products are designed to relieve anxiety in dogs (or cats). Pheromone sprays work to ease a pet when they feel alone or afraid, and are often used for travel and situations, such as a party. Calming treats also contain herbal remedies that are generally safe and many pet owners rely on their effectiveness. Ask us for some recommendations.
  5. Exercise your pet – If you expect a hectic holiday, maintain your pet’s regular schedule including their exercise needs. During the day of the holiday, make sure to give your pet a long walk or play with them at least 20 minutes prior to settling them into their safe space.

Holiday Stress in Pets

If your pet is afraid of noise, change, and strangers, we can help! Call us or book your anxiety consultation online to help your pets stay calm and collected during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.